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cyber security course

Israel Cyber Campus

cyber security course
cyber security course

The only Online Cyber Security Course in Israel delivered entirely online through our advanced AI Simulator Attack method

Your premier destination for online cyber security education. Our courses are designed to bring Israel's leading cyber security expertise to learners around the globe, no matter where you are!
Yigal Unna
Campus President

Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)


Veteran of 8200 - Elite Israeli Army intelligence unit

Magister (M.A.) in Business Administration

Bachelor (B.A.) in Management and History Studies

cyber security course
"Cyber ​​is only learned from the professionals who worked on the defense front of the State of Israel."
Garry Kasparov
Board Member

AI and Cyber expert
World Chess Champion

cyber security course
"Even in cyber, the best attack is defense. So make the smart decision: Israel cyber campus."

Our Youth Course

Why study at the
Israel Cyber ​​Campus?

  • A team of IDF 8200 unit lecturers

  • Practice using the world's most advanced AI simulator system

  • 70% of the studies plan is done with practical work - an artificial intelligence simulator that prepares you for 'the real world'

  • We prepare you for a cyber career around the world

  • Preparation for external international certificated exams

cyber security course
cyber security course
cyber security course


Your entry ticket to the high-tech world, without prior introduction

Through theoretical and practical training, this course provides the entire set of skills required to become a Soc Analyst.

Equips executives with the knowledge and skills of cybersecurity

The course covers various topics, including cyber threats, risk management, data protection, incident response, and more.

Cyber methodology knowledge for managers
and executives

Empowers you to become an effective manager and get up to speed quickly on information security issues and terminology. 


to become a SOC analyst, you need a practical skill in IT

The course aims to train professionals who will work in high sophistication IT and in entry-level positions in cybersecurity. 

IT security became a critical issue for businesses

IT security became a critical issue with the evolution of information age and the demand for professional CISOs’ in organizations increased


The science of gathering, preserving, analyzing, and presenting digital information and evidence in the organization

This field is relevant to corporate security professionals, government employees, and military officers and contractors. 

Ethical Hackers are like ninjas, they need to attack a corporate, steal information and yet, be quite and stealth. 

This course intends to allow a students to execute a penetration testing process using application and infrastructure attacks as network scanning, vulnerability assessment, web attacks, exploitation and lateral movement.


Youth cyber course
A unique program for high school students - training the next cyber warriors

The cyber program for young people provides the basic readiness to integrate into more advanced training and courses in the field of cyber and preparation for military service in these fields

What is a cyber security course and who is it for?

A cyber security course is an educational program that trains individuals in information security. It is designed for anyone interested in specializing in information security, learning about new technologies, and pursuing a career in the cyber field.

Do I need prior knowledge to enrol in it?

Not necessarily. Many courses are also suitable for beginners without prior knowledge in the field. However, basic computer knowledge can be helpful in understanding the material.

What topics are covered in the course?

The course covers topics such as information security, identifying and analyzing cyber threats, developing secure software, risk management, and more. The curriculum combines theory and practice to prepare students for real-world work.

How long does a cyber security course last?

The duration of the course can vary from several weeks to several months, depending on the type of course and the depth of the material covered. There are more intensive courses and others that are spread over a longer period.

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