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Your entry ticket to the high-tech world, without prior introduction, from the comfort of your home.

Start your journey to become a cyber security specialist:

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Mr. Garry Kasparov

This comprehensive online course is designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in cyber security, featuring practical, simulator-based learning from the comfort of your home.

What profession will you acquire in the course?

Through theoretical and practical training, this course provides the entire set of skills required to become a Soc Analyst. The program will provide, for those who wish to continue and specialize in one of the core professions of information systems and cyber security, the practical and methodological tools to do so, and build the in-depth training course for additional cyber professions (penetration tester, forensics, etc.).

The course is designed for beginners with limited prior experience or no experience at all.

Who are the professionals behind the curriculum?

The president of the academy is Mr. Yigal Ona - former head of the cyber system of the State of Israel.

The program was built by instructors and experts from IDF units, academia and the professional world. The track includes theoretical frontal study combined with active learning of the participant, within which there is experience in scenarios simulating dealing with cyber attacks, monitoring weak points, methods of investigation and responses to threats.

What does the curriculum include?

The program was built to give the participants an understanding of the following topics:

  • The world of cyber and information security, and its basic terms

  • Development in Windows PowerShell and batch scripts

  • Understanding of the TCP/IP communication model and the network protocols

  • Analysis of Windows endpoints that are infected with malicious code, using the Sysinternals tool

  • Understanding encryption algorithms, models and protocols

  • Building and maintaining a Windows environment

  • Implementation of a protection strategy in all processes in the organization

  • The ability to use SQL to manage and analyze databases

  • Development of web applications using scripts on the client and server side (Client-Server)

  • Planning an attack process on an organization or on applications

  • Conducting a cyber attack using Miter Att&ck and Cyber ​​Kill Chain methodologies

  • Performing penetration tests in Internet and network applications

  • Creation and maintenance of a constitution of security systems such as firewalls, EDR, IDS/IPS and SIEM

  • Ability to respond to cyber incidents, using basic response skills for these incidents

  • Analysis of Office files, PDF and e-mails

The course format:

Scope of the program: 300 academic hours

75 sessions of 4 academic hours, twice a week - online training

The certificates that the participants will be able to receive if they take the relevant exams are:

LPI – Linux Professional
CSA – Certified SOC Analyst from EC-Council
CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council



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