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About Us

ISRAEL CYBER CAMPUS is the only cyber campus in Israel using the personal training method - practice and experience using an artificial intelligence simulator, which learns you and your level and adapts itself to you. Israel Cyber Campus Offers a variety of courses for beginners and advanced. Along with enrichment courses for senior managers and directors and a track for teenagers. Our mission is to provide accessible, high-quality cyber security education online, making it possible for anyone, anywhere, to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Israel's top cyber security professionals.

The combination of a proven method and professional lecturers (all 8200 graduates), makes studying at the ISRAEL CYBER CAMPUS a smart move, which will prepare you for a successful and rewarding cyber career.

The Israeli Cyber ​​Campus is a unique institution that trains and educates the next generations of cyber security professionals. The campus is located in the Eno Museum building, Tel Aviv University. The campus is led by the former head of the cyber system of the State of Israel, Mr. Yigal Ona, who serves as the president of the campus, as well as on the board of the world chess champion and artificial intelligence expert - Garry Kasparov.

The curriculum at the Israeli Cyber ​​Campus focuses on providing students with practical training in a wide range of cyber security skills, including network security, cloud security, penetration testing and digital forensics. The academy is also equipped with advanced technology and resources, including a simulator that is considered the most advanced in the world and simulates real cyber attacks, and upgrades the scenarios according to the students' level.
Yigal Unna
Campus President

Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)


Veteran of 8200 - Elite Israeli Army intelligence unit

Magister (M.A.) in Business Administration

Bachelor (B.A.) in Management and History Studies

"Cyber ​​is only learned from the professionals who worked on the defense front of the State of Israel."
Garry Kasparov
Board Member

AI and Cyber expert
World Chess Champion

"Even in cyber, the best attack is defense. So make the smart decision: Israel cyber campus."
Yaniv Barkai
Vice President of Technologies and Pedagogical Director

Cybersecurity expert in digital forensics and cryptography, with expertise in ransomware and cryptographic malware investigations. During the last years he served as an officer and as a team leader
Digital identification and investigations in the IDF

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Etty Berger
Pedagogical director, LLM

Has over 25 years of practical experience in cyber security
in law, MMA consultant and lecturer
Active in the areas of privacy, transportation
Cyber ​​intelligence and technology

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In addition to its academic program, the Israel Cyber ​​Campus is actively involved in research and development, working on projects to address some of the most pressing cybersecurity challenges facing organizations and governments around the world.

The campus quickly established itself as a leading institution in the field of cyber security education and attracted students from around the country and the world seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in this important field. Campus graduates are highly sought after by employers in the public and private sectors, and many have gone on to successful careers in a wide variety of roles related to cyber security.

The Israeli Cyber ​​Campus is a visionary institution that has a significant impact in the field of education and research in the field of cyber security, as well as in preparation for admission to the army's special units in the cyber professions. His unique approach to training, advanced technology, and strong partnerships with industry and government make him a valuable resource for anyone seeking a career in cybersecurity in both the civilian and military worlds.
Garry Kasparov
World Chess Champion
Cyber and AI expert
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