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Cyber ​​Course for Youth


A unique program for high school students - training the next cyber warriors

A cyber course for teenagers is designed to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the high-tech world. The course covers a wide range of topics, including internet safety, data privacy, coding and digital literacy to prepare them for a career in cyber security.

What training will you receive during the course?

Today's digital world requires exposure to extensive, diverse and up-to-date knowledge in the cyber field. The cyber program for young people is the first step in the participant's decision to choose this field of study, and also allows him the basic readiness to integrate into more advanced training and courses in the field of cyber and preparation for military service.

Who are the professionals behind the curriculum?

The president of the academy is Mr. Yigal Ona - former head of the cyber system of the State of Israel. The program was built by instructors and experts from IDF units, academia and the professional world. The track includes theoretical frontal study combined with active learning of the participant, within which there is experience in scenarios simulating dealing with cyber attacks, methods of investigation and responses to threats.

What does the curriculum include?

The program was built to give the participants an understanding of the following topics:
  • Knowledge of cyber and information security, the cyber world and its basic terms.
  • Understanding the TCP/IP model and network/application protocols
  • Analysis of a Windows operating system when it is infected with malicious code, using the Sysinternals tool
  • Encryption algorithms, encryption models and protocols
  • Executing a cyber attack using the Miter Att&ck and Cyber ​​Kill Chain models
  • Knowing network, hosts and different services
  • Gaining access to networks and hosts using password enumeration and attack techniques
  • Ability to penetrate web applications
  • Use of vulnerability exploitation techniques using known tools

Your way to be accepted into the world of cyber warriors in the army


The course is intended for students in grades 10-12 who wish to expand their knowledge and experience in the field of cyber even before their recruitment.


  • English at good level

  • Passing the suitability test

  • No prior technical knowledge is required. Candidates must have high technical ability and logical thinking



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